A Morning Ritual – Done the Myss M Way!

by | 6.17.22

This is mostly for the Baby Witches – the ones who are just entering the “what do I do now” phase of life in general. I wish I would have had someone tell me things like this …

Even though I’m the type of person who thrives on the eclectic aspects of chaos, to the extent working under pressure seems to be when I’m on my game. Yet, I am a realist – I know at any minute my theoretical game ball could pop. So, if I have learned anything in my time on this mortal coil, it is ROUTINE does a body good.

I have listed out for you the steps I take every day to make sure I’m grounded, centered and prepared to go forth and be the bad ass witch bitch I know I am.

I HIGHLY suggest you begin a daily ritual if you have not already. Take from what I do and modify it to suit your life or use certain aspects of my “Mirandaland Morning Makeup and Meditation” and mix it in with your own rituals. Even if you read this and take it as a starting point to develop your own “Witchy Morning Mix of Rituals, take the time to do it and make it a moment just for you.

Because what kind of a witch are you? A healthy which! And a healthy witch is a happy which. Self-care practice is no exception. Mental self-care is absolutely no exception.

Step one

Take a few deep breaths. Nice and long – in through the mouth, out through the nose. I like to feel that blood start to circulate from the tip of my nose to the tips of my toes. Once I know everything is where it should be, and after I’ve done the “you’re getting’ old, witch” check to make sure I’m not feeling any discomfort, I jump out of bed. And when I say I jump out, I really do. My mattress is about chest high on me when I stand next to it …

Step two

Squish! I ball my tootsies into the carpet. Yes, just like John McClane does in the movie Die Hard, the first one. I dig my piggie toes into the carpet, and if I have a home without carpet – I buy one! A shag rug, baby! If you don’t have a shag rug, I highly suggest you get one. I bought my fun fuzzy floor monster from Amazon last year for $15 bucks. Best vacuum-packed rug investment I’ve made.

Step three

Now come some stretching to open the rest of the blood flow to the muscles in the tight spots and nooks and crannies I never remember having when I was younger. My favorite is to stretch my arms up long and straight over my head, interlocking my fingers backwards. Bending and making a circle with my upper torso, makes it feel great when I bend over and again, play with my toes. It’s usually about this point when I remember I need to call the nail salon and make a Mani/Pedi appointment …

Step four

Hydration. We are made of mostly water, and when you’ve got enough water to keep your internal fluids flowing, your body will thank you. Drink a full 8oz glass or bottle of water super quick. Not to where you’re going to get sick and water vomit but, drink it as quickly as you can. Get that water in your system and get it to work, we have witchy vibes to maintain!

Step five

Once these basic items are out of my way, nothing makes me feel human, more alive, and ready to tackle the world than a good ol’ tooth brushing followed by a nice, minty, yet non tear inducing mouthwash swish.

Step 6

We now get to make the trek across the house on our journey to the kitchen. It is in this magical land of flavors I make myself a cup of coffee. Every day, no matter how hot it is outside, if I do not start my day with a cup of coffee, things can get a bit “not pleasant.”

It is here where I make moves … for me, along with a lot of other witches I’ve crossed paths with make the most of our java juice. As I stir the cream into my coffee in a clockwise direction, I speak aloud my good intent for the day. I set my intention of getting specific tasks done, state what will be finished, what I will start, and what abundance will come to me. Remember to stir clockwise!

Step seven

The final step and last stage of the “Miss M Morning Moves” concludes with creativity … Getting all fancy. I at the core of my being, I am an artist. I love to play with color, and eye shadow comes in so many, many colors. During my morning makeup application time, I catch up on my YouTube subscriptions, my TikTok family, argue with whichever tarot card reader is telling me what I don’t want to hear, and I just chill and make myself feel even more beautiful.

As a result … I’m hydrated, limber, caffeinated and have neon green on my eyelids. I’m a witch with intention and a day full of adventure ahead of me. I can head into my office, or my studio and let the creative tech which comes alive in full technicolor!

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