Breaking a Bond

by | 6.17.22

Breaking the bond you have with another person can be difficult because you may still love them, care for them or simply want them to pay their half of the rent before they kick rocks. But self-care and doing what makes you a better human is the name of the game we’re playing … at least my take on it is. If you’re needing a little help in that area may we offer this Bond Breaking spell.

I personally worked this a few months back and it worked to the extent I would get a phone call or a text each day and then the morning of working the spell, I got one last text – asking about something left at my house and if he CashApp’d me the funds, would I mail it? Direct, to the point, and no love lost – he was gone. Poof. In a cloud of magic smoke.

Break the Bond - Connection Break Spell

Breaking the Bond

Feeling connected to someone you don't want in your life - for whatever reason - this may just be the answer you've been looking for!
Focus Bond, Connection
Tradition English
Keyword candle, dusk, herbs, Saturday


  • 1 Lighter/Matches
  • 1 Pair of tweezers or small metal tongs
  • 1 Fire Safe Dish/Plate
  • 1 Marker (Preferably Black)
  • 1 Mortar and Pestel or Herb Grinder


  • 1 Purple, Black or White Candle Chime candles are perfect for this!
  • Bitch Be Gone
  • Banishing Oil


  • Agrimony Hex breaking | Reversal of Magic
  • Blue Cohosh Love Breaking | Driving Away Evil
  • Chili Pepper Hex Breaking
  • Peppermint Brings Change
  • Poppy Seeds Invisibility
  • White Oak Bark Remove Negativity and Misfortune


Set the Mood

  • This is working I really need to be in the mood to do, one where there will be no interruptions, where I have all of my materials in reach, and the proper music is playing. Make sure you don't have any drafts which would influence the burn of your candles, close or open windows if needed, and ring any sounding bowls or ringing bells you feel necessary to get ready mentally. Drink water now, and after...


  • Make sure to protect yourself prior to starting this ritual! Some use smoke, some use salt rings, some use Florida Water or other air sprays - but no matter what you do, CLEAN YOUR SPACE.

Ritual Start

  • Cast your circle.
  • Light your incense (I never do spell work without incense)
  • Call your corners and ask your Gods, Goddesses, Deities and Guidance System to come in and help with this spell

Intentions and Sigil Writing

  • Take a parchment paper and start to write out, in present tense, as if it has happened, what you wish to accomplish with this spell. It this is to break the bond between to lovers, I would write:
    "Lover A has no more feelings for Lover B and the relationship they had is over. There are no bad feelings becuase Lover A has moved on and found a life with Lover B is better."
    Something along those lines. Just word it in such a way you've stated it in the now.
  • Once you've completed the petition, you're going to turn the parchment over and write the name of the person to be removed from the situation, the date and time you're completing this part of the spell (or want the spell to start working) and I personally write my sigils (if using any) on this side of the parchment as well as my candles.
    Fold this petition away from you becuase you want Lover B to go away from Lover A. Turn it clockwise and again fold it once more away from you. Set it to the side for now.
  • If you're using sigils, carve them into the body of your candle. I also add keywords and phrases from my petition as room allows on the candle.
  • Mix your herbs together, asking the the given property it offers is there to aid you in the way you need it to. Example: "I ask Lover A be protected over by this herb and she is allows a life without Lover B." or "Lover B will be gone and banished because I've added to power of this herb." (Of course actually use the herb's name)
  • Poor some drops of each of the oils onto your candle and work it in moving away from you. Then, roll your candle around in the herb mixture you've ground down. You'll do this on the fireproof plate. It's okay to have extra herbs here, the are still a valuable part of this working.
  • When you've got your candle covered, stand it upright and prep for lighting by slightly burning the base end enough to melt the wax and make a hold with the plate, or place in a fire safe candle holder.
  • Speak aloud what you're intent is again, saying it in the present tense as you light your candle. Once your flame has had a minute or two, while you chant or repeat the intent, then burn the petition. I sprinkle the ashes on the candle, or around the base of the candle.
  • When the flame is gone, take any remaining wax and herbs, scoop them up and either flush them, or dump them into running water like a lake or stream.
  • You should start to see small results by the end of the first day.
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