Smudge the Judge and Win the Case

by | 5.21.22

Any witch who has done any research, study or practice knows it’s all about the intention you put into your workings … which words you use. What you SAY is the most important thing. The herbs, oils, candles and carving of sigils just adds the kick. You’re the magic – the other stuff is just the frosting and cherry on your witchcraft cake if you will.

Below is a spell Vee and I both worked up a while back after doing our research and hitting up our favorite local occult and metaphysical shops here in Phoenix. (Shout out to the Zombie Apothecary on Northern. They have the COOLEST stuff! For real!)

This particular working is one to help you get the outcome you’re seeking in a court case or legal matter.

Sway the Court

Focus Court, Justice, Law, Lawsuit, Legal
Tradition Icelandic, Norse
Keyword honey, rune, sigil


  • 1 Sharp tool to carve into your candle, unless you're using a 7 day glass candle, in that case you'll need a permanent marker
  • 1 Pair of Scissors


  • 1 Candle in the color associated with the zodiac sign of the person needing the spell work Aries: Red, Orange, Yellow

    Taurus: Green, Purple, Pink

    Gemini: White, Yellow, Light Blue

    Cancer: Silver (or Gray), Lilac, Purple, Green

    Leo: Gold, Orange, Yellow

    Virgo: Green, Brown, Tan/Carmel

    Libra: Green, Light Blue, Blue

    Scorpio: Black, Gold, Orange, Burgundy, Purple

    Sagittarius: Dark Red, Dark Yellow, Bright Blue

    Capricorn: Dark Red, Dark Yellow, Brown

    Aquarius: White, Silver, Blue

    Pisces: White, Green, Blue, Dark Blue

  • 1 Fireproof plate/bowl or foil roasting or pie pan You'll be getting rid of it so use something you're not attached to
  • 2-3 Dried Herbs of your Choice: Cinnamon






  • Law Stay Away Oil (We get ours from Art of the Root)
  • Court Case Incense (We get ours from Aroma G's Botanica)
  • 1 piece Cardboard (no smaller than 4x3 inches apx. not too thick
  • 1 piece Petition Paper (brown paper bags work GREAT!)
  • 2-3 tbs Honey
  • Black cloth or bag/canvas tote Large enough to fit whatever contain you're using to put the candle in/on.


After you Cast Your Circle and Protect Yourself

  • Visualize getting the outcome you want from the case, imagine/envision how you'll feel when the judge pounds the gavel and says their final words in court as you begin your work by lighting the incense.
  • Call your Gods/Goddesses/Deities (or the ones you specifically work with) and open that flow of communication with them. Let them know you're coming to them for a court/legal matter, thanking them for being with you and assisting.
    I have used both Themis and Athena for this working.

Candle Prep

  • Using the sharp tool, or the marker, write on the candle important information about the case in question - the date of the trial or hearing, the Judge's name, town/county/state of where the hearing will happen, what you hope to gain from the trial (if it's money, write your amount; if it's lawsuit, what you're wanting to win; if its custody case, the names of the children; if it's to stay out of jail, write freedom; etc.)
  • Either anoint your candle by adding the oil, rubbing it on towards you if you wish to gain something, away from you if you want someone else to be found guilty/responsible. If you're using the 7 day candle use a long sharp tool like a thin screwdriver or bamboo skewer to poke a couple of holes in the candle where you can poor in some of the oil.
  • Either sprinkle on the herbs you've chosen, or roll the candle around in the herbs on a plate. If you're using the 7 day candle, sprinkle them on the top of the candle.
  • Place your candle in a fire safe container or on a plate that won't burn or melt if it gets hot.

Petition and Figure

  • Cut out a figure of a person in the cardboard to represent the jury, or the the judge - whoever is going determine the cases outcome.
  • On the petition paper, write out VERY CLEARLY AND SPECIFICLY what you want to happen in court and how you want the outcome to benefit you. I can't stress enough - BE VERY CLEAR because the universe has a funny sense of humor when you leave details out. Include the same things you wrote on your candle in more detail.

Burn Baby, Burn!

  • Finalize your chant and thank your Gods/Goddesses for hearing your request then light the candle.
  • Take your petition and light it on fire with the flame from the candle. Add the burning paper to a fire safe container or cauldron.
  • When the petition is fully burned, use the ashes to smudge the judge (carboard person) with the symbol for the THURISAZ RUNE on one side
  • Add the Icelandic symbol for winning in court, Máladeilan, on the other side and then set the cardboard figure it at the base of the candle.
  • Dribble the honey over your cardboard figure, covering the smudging on at least one side. This will sweeten the judge to your plight.
  • Let the candle burn all the way down, extinguishing itself. NEVER BLOW OUT a flame. If you MUST extinguish the candle prior to it burning down, snuff it out and relight as soon as possible.

When the Candle is Out

  • Take the remaining bits of wax that may exist, the remaining petition ashes, the cardboard figure and the plate/bowl/tin pan and wrap it all up in the black cloth or add it to the black bag.
  • If you want this spell to remove something from your life burry the items in the black cloth or bag as far away from you as possible. If you can take it across city lines, even better.
  • If you want to gain something with this spell, burry it in the eastern most corner/spot on your property.
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